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The Chameleon
                             I'd like to know when happened, 
              where is the principle and more yet, 
              where will be the end. 
                I'd like to know toward where I go, 
              what I am now and most, that become, 
              and the address of the road, and more yet, 
              in what point I find me. 
                I'd like to know why I sit me 
                 different to the others, and more yet, 
              why the others see me so different to them. 
                I'd like to know why, 
              the color of my skin changes, 
              and why step of the white to the red, 
              of the red to the black and of the black, 
              of new to the white so quickly. 
                I'd like to know why always I seek the Sun , 
              the heat and the color and more yet, 
              why I flee from the cold. 
                I'd like to know why, 
              when the others run, despaired, 
              behind their prey, I remain me immobile, 
              observing, listening, feeling, 
              thinking and imagining. 
                I'd like to know why I have I this aspect, 
              so hard, if I do not am thus!, I am mellow, simple, 
              happy , and more yet, of a great heart. 
                I'd like to know why sometimes I am so slow, 
              and in other occasions I am so agile. 
                Chance will be still a Chameleon with soul of person, 
              or I will be a person with Chameleon soul, and more yet, 
              in what I will convert me, into a Chameleon or into a person. 
                I'd like finally that, a pretty little princess, 
              could read these words, and more yet, 
              that she closed their eyes and converted them in image, 
              because, that image, that precisely, 
              it is what I am I. 
                            (THE CHAMELEÓN) 

                 Crossings, What so large fly!.....ZZZZZPLLLSSSˇˇˇ........GLUB!