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" This history that continuation I am going to relate, perhaps stops
most of the people, them it can seem incredible,
unthinkable and impossible but, for all those that live
and they coexist both between worlds; the one of alive and the one of
died or, for that there are there been and they have not returned,
for them no.

Toni Blanch. "

In memory of Juli Verdés and Toni Blanch.
Rest in peace.


In an imaginary Association of " Anonymous Men Of Saco ", it would raise to me of my folding metallic chair and before the rest of my new colleagues diria...I am called Toni Blach, I have been being 30 years old and I am a man of the coat for almost two months so that to continuation, the rest of my companions, they applauded and they animated welcome Toni to me, Bravo, well fact, we will help you to surpass it!

That with which, during my childhood, it used to scare my mother to me to try to make me eat that liver shoemaker in against my paladar, incredibly, was certain. Toni, eat you the liver or will come the man from the coat and it will take to you., it repeated three nights to me to the week.

Yes, the man of the coat exists; the man of the coat... I am.

A man with a coat as an older person and worn away fabric to its backs, dressed by ragged, dirty ones and abraded clothes. Barefoot and showing its feet the world, blackened by the mixture of dirt of the streets and the spilled dry blood of some its manifold hurt to step on the butts still to extinguish and the some frolics little pieces of broken crystal.

Giving off all its body a scent to dead, corpse in decomposition. Vagando by the streets of the great large city, ignoring the traffic lights, the pedestrian crossings and the estridentes cláxones of vehicles that are been on the verge of ending him, piiiiiiiiiiiii, stupid idiot, displeased... pi piiiiiiiii! to see if you learn to cross without your breast, espantapájaros, he is crazy or what?

That I am.

Requesting alms to that with glance, mixture of astonishment and disgust, they indicate to me and to judge, asking itself how a man can have arrived at so extreme. Ay friends, if they knew the little distance that is in the time between its cleanings and brilliant lives and the one of this man, would doubt and they would not condemn to him by its miserable stamp and they would change the sentence, would say my defense counsel. If they knew that it does few months, this man, passed by this same place with his luxurious todoterreno way towards his office in the bank and while, to the movable telephone, it closed a treatment of three hundred fifty million pesetas, its sentence would be innocent, very innocent would add I.

Everything can change at simple moments, a day you rise and something lacks in your surroundings, my average half, my July of the core.

But the entraria public prosecutor in scene and would ask permission Mr. Judge to take step to the test I number 1 and only one, the coat, my coat. A judicial agent, impeccably uniformed, high, robust as an oak and, protecting his ways respiratores with a white mask antiscent, would make formal appearance by an adjacent door to the room, carrying between its muscles arms a silver-plated tray covered by a fine white savannah creén really that this miserableable man is innocent? and that says to me of this? the public prosecutor would say before opening the tray of a dry pull of the Oooooh sheet! the room to unisono would exclaim proclaiming its guilty, guilty popular sentence to shouts! to the chair, that that miserable condemned dies.