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A hallucinating trip

Those that go to Mars... which they are put aside.

With Juan and Luis


The campanadas ones of the church began to repicar, - Dong, Dong, Dong... Dong -. The eight in the morning.

Juan left his room with a dressing gown of panels average broken and pantuflas of little bear in the feet. He was rascando the head and yawning way towards the kitchen. The loose floor tiles of the floor, - most of them -, they were singing there by where happened, - clinc, clanc, clonc... When arriving at the kitchen opened the refrigerator and, which was still offered to him to his slept eyes, it could not be more depressing; nothing, absolutely nothing, nor only something: nothing.
He took a dipper, he filled it of water of the faucet and he put it to warm up with the aid of a blowpipe.
While the water was warmed up, it gathered a handful of granzas of coffee that the bar of the corner " the explosion ", threw in the flowerpots stand of the terrace to pay the plants; he cleaned them of bichejos and objects nonidentified, he placed them within a sock that had gathered previously of the room of Luis and it introduced it within the dipper with the water that not yet had begun to boil. Right away, the water took a color and a scent very little pleasant.
Trás a small delay, the breakfast was ready in the table; coffee and hard bread strips that had to interpret the paper of churros or clubs.
Of a newspaper battery it gathered the one that it had more by hand and one seated to the table.
A spider, hung in the lamp that was on the table of the breakfast, watched Juan; it observed all his movements but, from which it did not separate his glance was of those churros; the scent of something eatable in that apartment was little normal and this called the attention of all the fauna that in him lived, like those two ratoncillos that minutes before were finishing the preparations for a great manifestation against the hard conditions of life which they were put under in that tuburio. Both ratoncillos they tried, armed with a corkscrew, to drill the table underneath and to gather that sucedaneo of coffee.
Juan opened the newspaper by the page of events, took churro with his skilful hand and, without hardly watching, he wet it in the coffee but, when trying to take that churro to the mouth, that spider, to the time that gave a shout and hanging of one of its spiderwebs it was sent to by churro and it left by the window...
- iiiiuuujuuuuu the spider shouted.
Juan as soon as it was surprised; stranger things had seen in that house, churro returned to take another one again, wet it in the coffee but, he was demasido late; the cup already was empty; the ratoncillos had fulfilled their mission.


From the room of Luis noises and bostezos were listened to. Juan, continued in the table, reading the newspaper. Somewhat interesting Vió and doubled the page in four times to be able to read that article more at great length. The door of the room was opened and by her he appeared Luis, with a lamentable aspect; without shaving, despeinado, lega6nosos eyes and holding with its right hand a rebosante orinal of joy. When crossing itself Juan it gave the good days him to his way...
- yeeeeeh.....
- yeeeeeh.... - Juan answered to him
- you have seen a sock? - it asked to him while one went towards the service, still average slept.
- Yes, occasionally I have seen some. - it responded without hardly raising the glance to him of the newspaper.
Luis stopped right front to the door of the service and he was still turned towards Juan with the orinal in the hand.
- Where?
- Then... in tele, the street, the house, anywhere...
- my sock? - surprised Luis asked.
- tuyo?... aah, no, yours no, I feel it...
After that one triviality of Juan, Luis entered servicío and
he closed the door, which took advantage of Juan to go to the kitchen to rescue caltecín. He drained it and he left it in his place of origin.
To the few minutes of to have entered, Luis left the service. Its aspect was the same one that when it entered except for the orinal, that already was empty. When happening next to Juan they returned to greet itself...
- yeeeh...
- yeeeh...
When arriving at its room one pleasing surprise took...
- andá, my sock!
Juan found something in the newspaper, something nothing interesting for the others but worrisome for them. Slowly it separated his glance from the newspaper in direction towards the ceiling and pensativo remained, like in critical moment, catatónico. Its mouth began to make bitter not indeed and of the coffee. Cucharilla of the breakfast began " to clinquinear " as a result of temblorcillo that their legs began to acquire. It again lowered its glance from that egg spot of the ceiling to the newspaper... was impossible!
- Luis, Luis!
- Queeé?
- they see, see here!
- It tell me... said Luis when approaching Juan by the back.
- Sight, watches what puts here! we are lost!
Juan gave to Luis the newspaper him, indicating to him the place where he had to read.
- Ostrás pedrín! - Luis exclaimed at the top taking the hands.
- He is sure... we must flee!
- You are safe Juan?
- perhaps I do not know...... of when is the newspaper?
- to see... of... of... of two weeks ago.
Juan rose and was towards one of the windows that he gave to the street. Smoothly the curtain slid to be able to observe if indício existed some police and not to be seen. Everything was normal, except for the five salesmen of coupons, the three ice cream carts, the four of hot small dogs and two cranes trying to take to a truck-concrete mixer parked in double row.
- We must have them very closely together... said Juan after the sight. TOC, TOC, TOC. They called so close to the door - and! - Luis exclaimed. TOC, TOC, TOC. They called another time
- Ay, aaay... ayyyyyyyy! - Luis shouted while esconderse. ran from a side to another one of the house looking for a place where - It shuts up, cállate! thus you are not going to solve nothing. It is necessary to calm themselves and to think express
- ay, ay,ayyyy....Thinks you, thinks yoü
-Well, I will gamble pellejo and will open but... THEY DID NOT REMOVE NOR A SINGLE WORD TO ME!
Juan was towards the door. If they were police; they were finished, even Luis, who had hidden under the carpet. She was expensive or... cross. TOC, TOC, TOC. Another time
- already it goes, already gooo!... - responded Juan.
A pair of men dressed in very elegant clothes, a briefcase each one and dark glasses was trás the door
- Yessss... - said to Juan titubeándo when opening the door
- Mr. Juan House?
- Yes, but... nonfuí I, he was he! - the tembloroso bulk in alfomb said to Juan indicating